Stylemake counseling

(Branding course and Producing course can be conducted independently. All other services must be conducted after Stylemake counseling. )

Your appearance is the outermost “skin” of your inner person. Although some people say, “The inside is what counts,” a person’s appearance, which also acts like a business card, is what people see whenever they meet. In order to conduct styling that “expresses the wonderful side of who you are” and “to truly bring out your inner beauty,” I will conduct professional counseling while taking note of your lifestyle, TPPO (Time, Place, Person, and Occasion), etc. I will also assume a long-term perspective and provide a counseling session until you find the power of style that awaits. Once you find your own style, you can be confident and enjoy it thereafter, and keep it going.

Price list (Tax not included) ~Stylemake counseling~